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Act I Vinyl - 3rd pressing 180G


The first Protomen album. Has original ending of Hope Rides Alone and Due Vendetta that are not available on CD or Digital. "Sons Of Fate" liner-notes poster also included.

Third pressing vinyl on 180G. SINGLE DISC - Limited "Red Smoke" or "Blue Smoke" choices.

Pressing quantities / Remainder as of 12/1/19
Red Smoke - 426 / 20
Blue Smoke - 490 / 25

Track listing:
-side a-
I: Hope Rides Alone
IIa: Funeral for a Son
IIb: Unrest in the House of Light
III: The Will of One
IV: Vengeance
-side b-
V: The Stand (Man or Machine)
VI: The Sons of Fate
EPILOGUE: Due Vendetta (Fade to Phil)

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