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Live in Nashville - Media Pack

Image of Live in Nashville - Media Pack


Has these "Protomen - Live in Nashville" items:

- Blu-ray (runtime - 98minutes)
- CD (2 disc)
- Video Download (HD and optional higher-res 10gb file with chapters)
- Album Download (320kbps MP3 and 24bit WAV)

Show info: Act I Vinyl Release Show - July 9th, 2011 - 12th And Porter

Just choose whether or not you'd like a signed CD below.

Track list at the bottom.

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-Track List-
01. Intro
02. How the World Fell Under Darkness
03. Breaking Out
04. Keep Quiet
05. Light Up the Night
06. The Fall
07. Here Comes the Arm
08. Hope Rides Alone
09. Funeral For a Son
10. Unrest in the House of Light
11. The Will of One
12. Vengeance
13. The Stand (Man or Machine)
14. Sons of Fate
15. Kilroy Speaks
16. Father of Death
17. The Hounds
18. Thanks
19. Due Vendetta


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