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Q: How long does it take to receive an order once placed?

A: The wait time for a domestic order's arrival is anywhere between 5 and 15 days - unless the item is on backorder.  For international orders, the minimum is typically 15 days.  In the case of a new release sale, orders can take longer due to a large amount of orders to fill.  There are only so many robot hands around here.

Q: Can I pay extra for an expedited order? (overnight, 2 day, 3 day)

A: Yes.  Just send a message through our contact page and someone will get back to you shortly with instructions.

Q: What does "backorder" mean?

A: When an item is on backorder, that means it is in the process of being printed. The advantage of buying an item on backorder means that you are next in line to receive that item once it is in stock.  Items on backorder can generally take anywhere from a week to a couple months to be restocked.  Unfortunately, we cannot control the speed of those that press our items.  If you include other items with your backordered item, then the entire package will not ship until the backordered item is in stock.

Q: I placed an order and the package was undeliverable because I entered the shipping address wrong, or I moved, or I did not claim it, or my postal deliverer decided to not deliver it because they now believed their purpose in life is to deliver tacos instead of mail. The package was returned to Sound Machine Store and I would like to have it resent to me. Do I have to pay for the package to be resent?

A: Yes. Unfortunately, the USPS will not ship a package twice without payment for the second shipment. We wish, like you, that this was not the case. 

Q: Who run Bartertown?