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Makeup And Vanity Set "Heart of Batman" Vinyl


Makeup And Vanity Set's soundtrack to the documentary "Heart of Batman" from Batman: The Animated Series deluxe Blu-ray release has hit the vinyl presses again.

Features a unique "Bat Logo" gatefold opening. Included is a booklet loaded with unseen artwork from the show.
This "On Leather Wings" pressing is 180G and black in honor of the Knight himself.

An audio download will be emailed to you shortly after your vinyl purchase is complete.

Want it signed by MAVS? He'll do it! Just choose below.

Pressings' quantities-
1st - "The Last Laugh (Record Store Day exclusive)" - 1130 (sold out)
2nd - "On Leather Wings" - 1013

Track listing:
1. Heart of Batman
2. Empathy
3. Standards
4. Timm
5. For Shirley
6. The Dark Knight

7. Shadows
8. Dark Deco
9. Alleyway
10. Ames
11. Vision
12. Heart of Batman (end titles)

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  • Vinyl - 90% in stock
  • Signed Vinyl - 93% in stock