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Makeup And Vanity Set Presents: The Protomen Cassette


This cassette is the first (and maybe only?) pressing of the Makeup And Vanity Set 8-bit remix album of The Protomen's "S/T" debut.

Features the incredibly named tracks:
1. Hope Rides Stallone
2. Powerfuneralz!!!!1!!
3. Unrest In The House Of Bits
4. Will Of One Byte (please, oh please, someone get this joke)
5. Vengeance?
6. The Stand 1986
7. Sons Of Doug Fetterman
8. Due Arpeggitron 9000

A download code will be emailed to you soon after purchase.

Also...yes...this is the cassette that has a "FREE PROTOMEN CONCERTS FOR LIFE SWEEPSTAKES" entry with every purchase. One will have a special card made of steel inside and you can use it as long as you live for free Protomen shows (excluding ones the band can't control guest lists).